Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

Flight – (not) a crime?! Lecture and discussion with the #Free Homayoun campaign

On 28 May from 7 to 9 pm at Kukoon in the park

Every day, people fleeing their homes are criminalised at the EU’s external borders. In Greece, for every boat or car arriving with refugees, at least one person is arbitrarily arrested and accused of “people smuggling”. The arrests and court proceedings are characterised by serious violations of the law and the trials end with an average prison sentence of 46 years and an average fine of €332,000. The criminalisation of refugees is contrary to the Geneva Refugee Convention. This prohibits the criminalisation of asylum seekers for entering the country without permission. The event will provide information on the criminalisation of refugees in Greece and beyond. A particular focus will be on the case of Homayoun Sabetara, an Iranian refugee who was sentenced to 18 years in prison in Greece for “people smuggling”. German spoken language, translations in English and Farsi possible.

Together we are Bremen

The Bremen Solidarity Centre supports the activities of Together we are Bremen.


The project organises events by and for BIPoC trans*, inter*, non-binary and gender non-conforming people in Bremen.

Mental illness in the asylum system and in racist conditions

The Bremen Solidarity Centre organises events, a panel discussion and a safer space workshop for refugees with mental illness on the topic of racism and mental health together with other actors.

Voices of resistance

We support the video project Voices of Resistance, in which refugee activists from Bremen speak up on various topics.